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Why Vote For Us? 

For the past twenty years, Glenview has been controlled by  one party, Unite Glenview. 


We think it is time for a change. 

But don't vote for us just for the sake of change. Take a look at our experience. Our ideas. Our vision for a 21st century Glenview.  Our solutions to reconnect residents with local government. 


We'll bring new energy, innovative ideas, and a resident-first approach to government.


We'd be honored to receive your vote.  


Why We Are Qualified to be Village Trustees


  • Individuals with decades of business experience in the corporate offices of Kraft, Scott Foresman/Pearson and Waste Management, Inc.


  • Knowledge and skill sets in communication, marketing, business development, environmental management, and government affairs


  • Observers and participants in multiple Village board matters


  • Geographically diverse, longtime residents who are passionate boosters of Glenview and share a 21st-century vision for what Glenview can be


  • Bring diverse and independent perspectives to Village board discussions.


What We Believe About Government


  • The government must be a diligent financial steward of all public funds and should use the best business principles and practices to operate efficiently.  At the same time, the drive for efficiency cannot compromise public health and safety. 


  • Trust in government must be built through transparency – deliver timely and accurate information, explain the process and reason(s) for decisions, and inform the public using clear, multi-channel communication.


  • Data used to make decisions must be valid and reliable.


  • Innovative ideas can come from within the Village government, our residents, our businesses, and borrowed from other communities.


  • Informed and active participation of residents is the foundation of local government and essential in reaching public decisions.


  • Conservation of natural resources and sustainable development is essential for the physical and mental health of our community, our region, and our planet.


  • Trustees are leaders who should be visible and accessible throughout the community.

What We Will Work to Accomplish as Trustees on the Board




  • Evaluate and implement best practices from surrounding towns and other communities similar to Glenview


  • Help residents understand government by creating a guide to explain the Board structure and procedures.


  • Establish single-subject board meetings to focus on issues of community interest such as development, sustainability, use of Permanent Fund money, and affordable housing.  In addition to Village staff and the Board, participation would include outside experts and the public.


  • Modify the timing of resident input at board meetings.  Be considerate of residents' time by starting board meetings at 7:15 p.m. to allow for 15 minutes of public comment at the beginning of the meeting.  Additional public comment time, if necessary, would occur at the end of the meeting, as it is now.


  • Be explicit and explain the rationale if the Village exercises Home Rule authority to exempt itself from compliance with State or County law.


  • Allow the public to prepare for village board meetings by providing agendas, documents, and presentations more than 48 hours in advance of Board meetings.  


  • Maintain recordings of all Executive Session meetings related to an issue in litigation until the case is settled.



  • Allow for more input from residents, businesses, and other impacted stakeholders early in the planning process.  We propose a meeting between impacted stakeholders BEFORE a project moves to the New Development Commission. Include the Village Staff, stakeholders, and the developer.  Put all issues on the table.  Listen to concerns.  Look for solutions early when it may be easier to make changes to the plans. Let's work to avoid more lawsuits. 

  • Utilize an independent third-party to evaluate how proposed projects will deliver economic benefits to the village.  This evaluation would focus on major new developments, when proposed zoning would change from R (Residential) to B (Business), and when Permanent Fund money would be used in a public/private partnership. The use of the Permanent Fund must be done with full transparency.


  • Make available to the public complete copies of major development site plans & related documents for public viewing.  Create a public display kiosk in the Library and allow visitors to submit comments to be reviewed by Village Staff and the New Developments Commission. This would be a great way to display the proposals generated by Glenview Connect and seek more public comment. 

  • Incorporate sustainability and environmental guidelines for new developments and redevelopments.  Work with an expanded Natural Resources Commission (we propose including energy and sustainability) to create guidelines for developments that protect air and water quality, focus on sustainability, and preserve the environment.  




  • Help create and promote a sound economy and diversified tax base that is unique and attractive to residents and businesses.



  • Create an Economic Development Commission to guide business growth in Glenview, monitor local and regional trends, and support our business community.


  • Create a robust marketing strategy to "sell" Glenview (businesses, environment, history, etc.) that will encourage residents and visitors to come to Glenview and spend money.


  • Evaluate expansion of current economic development incentives used to attract businesses in order to help stabilize existing businesses.  Examine additional strategies used in other communities for small business assistance.

  • Broaden the Village’s vision of community economic development.  Growth and development should consider not only economic factors but also the social and environmental impacts of any initiative.



  • Improve the type and scope of Village communications in order to improve transparency and better inform residents about activities in the Village. 


  • Expand use of GVTV for educating the public, including but not limited to, key aspects of Village operations, how decisions are made, policy issues under consideration.

  • Study the use of a community-focused app that pushes information and updates to residents and allows residents and businesses to send information to the Village staff.


  • Increase informal opportunities for residents to meet with trustees.  Establish a regular schedule of  “Coffee with the Council” meetings in local businesses,  hold “Meet and Greets” in Park District field houses, and at the request of homeowner’s associations.



  • Expand ways for our talented residents to contribute to Glenview through the creation of committees/commissions that add vibrancy to our local culture, attract outside visitors, and benefit our financial health. These could include an Arts and Culture Commission and expanding the scope of the Natural Resources Commission to include energy and sustainability. 


  • Create more festivals, art pop-ups, food events, and ethnic celebrations that will enrich our community, bring new and repeat visits to areas such as downtown and The Glen Town Center.  


  • Partner with the high schools in applying academic learning to create community benefits.  For example, students could conduct air quality monitoring, develop apps to create specialty 'tours', or develop an information guide on community solar (get electricity from a community solar farm).


  • Broaden the invitation to the New Residents Open House to include the entire community.  Invite participation by civic and social groups, non-profit service organizations, and religious institutions.



  • Explore additional opportunities for intergovernmental cooperation with local entities including county government, township governments, the Glenview Park District, and school districts.  For example, collaborate with the park district and school district Green Teams to create a comprehensive Village-wide Sustainability Plan encompassing energy, environmental protection, and climate change mitigation to meet the multiple goals of the Greenest Region Compact.  The Village adopted the goals of the Greenest Region Compact in November 2020. 


  • Establish a schedule of open public meetings with our elected county and state representatives to inform the Board, Village staff, residents, and businesses of pending legislative actions.