Voter Turnout in Glenview

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Ever wonder what percentage of registered voters in Glenview* who turn up at the polls? Here are the numbers.

2020 -- General: 71%

2019 -- Consolidated: 9%

2018 -- General: 56%

2017 -- Consolidated: 10%

2016 -- General: 72%

2015 -- Consolidated: 10%

Are you surprised? Do you see a trend? Presidential elections (General) draw more than 70% of registered voters in Glenview. Gubernatorial elections (General) draw about 56% of registered voters. And less than 10% of registered voters show up for the local elections (Consolidated).

The low voter turnout for local elections translates into about 2,600 for the top vote-getter for a Glenview Village trustee candidate in the 2019 and 2017 elections. And in 2015, the top vote-getter received 1,545 votes (6% turnout).

Nationally and across Illinois, voter turnout in “off year” elections is always lower. This is unfortunate because the local elections directly impact residents. Voters elect representatives who will manage large budgets, determine tax rates, decide redevelopment, and make other important decisions.

The next local election will take place on April 6, 2021 with early voting starting March 22. Glenview voters will elect a new Village president and three trustees. They will also select trustees on other local boards including the Library, Park District, Township, and various school boards.

Will more than 10% of Glenview’s registered voters show up in 2021? We are hoping that with the first election in 20 years where all three trustee positions are contested, more voters will go to the polls for this Consolidated Election.

*Source: Cook County Clerk’s Office Election Results The numbers used show the turnout of registered voters in Northfield Township that includes 30 of the 40 precincts that make up Glenview. The other 10 precincts are found in New Trier, Niles, and Maine Townships.

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