Tired of Noisy Nighttime Flights from O’Hare Flying Over Your House?

A Glenview resident, who is very concerned about the potential increase in nighttime aircraft noise in Glenview, reached out to the GLENVIEW NEXT candidates to discuss this issue. He talked about the ongoing plans to approve a new O’Hare runway rotation plan that could lead to more nighttime flights -- and noise -- over Glenview. Of particular concern was the 22R flight corridor. If you live along 22R, you’ve heard the noise and may also be concerned.

After this conversation, Paul, Sheri, and Cathy looked into this issue. They met with Village staff, did extensive research, and attended meetings of the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC).

The ONCC is the only inter-governmental agency that is dedicated to reducing aircraft noise in the communities around O’Hare. It was established in 1996 to begin constructive dialogues on aircraft noise issues.

Of particular interest to Glenview residents is the work of the ONCC Fly Quiet Committee. This group is working on a rotation plan that will determine how the runways at O’Hare are used to provide relief from nighttime noise for the communities around O’Hare. There are eight runways in use at O’Hare. Six are east-west (the direction of most prevailing winds) and two are diagonals – the runways that are used when planes fly over Glenview.

After exploring several different plans involving using runways on a weekly rotation, the Fly Quiet Committee has settled on two plans (Alternate B and Alternate H) that involve a rotation in which the diagonal runways are used 50% of the time over a 16-week rotation. With this plan it is possible that up to 50% of the arriving nighttime flights could go over Glenview. They are going to study their two final choices more and then make a decision to adopt Alternate B or H.

When Paul, Sheri, and Cathy brought this situation up with Don Owen, Deputy Village Manager, he agreed with their concerns and said the Village is working with other diagonal communities and Congresswomen Schakowsky’s office on this issue.

This issue will be discussed at the upcoming Board Meeting on February 16. If this issue is important to you, we recommend you attend the Board Meeting on Zoom or follow up after the meeting.


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