Immediate Action Required: COVID Guidelines for Firefighters

Our response to the Open Letter from the Glenview Professional Firefighters Association.

On March 22, the Glenview Professional Firefighters Association sent a letter to the Glenview Board of Trustees citing a variety of concerns related to leadership in the Fire Department. The GLENVIEW NEXT candidates received a copy. The Firefighters Association stated the communication had “the purpose of improving the community, improving the fire department, and improving the environment of the employees”.

The many allegations in the letter warrant further investigation. When we are elected to the Village Board, we will recommend an independent and

thorough third-party investigation into all the issues outlined by the Firefighters Association.

However, one allegation must be addressed with a sense of urgency: the lack of written COVID guidelines in the Fire Department.

Unite Glenview slate released a statement today (March 24) saying that they will address all allegations in the letter when they become trustees on May 4. While most of the allegations should wait for an independent investigation, the allegations related to COVID must be investigated immediately and corrective action taken as necessary. This issue cannot wait until May 4 when the newly elected trustees join the Board.

Our firefighters interact with residents every day, many of whom are our older citizens. The community needs to have the confidence that Fire Department leadership is doing everything possible to protect our firefighters, their families, and our residents against the spread of COVID.


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