GLENVIEW NEXT Candidates Endorsed by Glenview Firefighters

The GLENVIEW NEXT candidates – Paul Brancky, Sheri Latash, and Cathy Wilson – are proud to announce that the Glenview Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4186 has endorsed their campaign to be elected as Village Trustees.

“We are honored to accept the endorsement of our Glenview Firefighters,” said Latash. “We have opposed the closing of Station 13 since February 3 for both substance and process reasons. This endorsement acknowledges our strong commitment to the safety and welfare of residents in East Glenview and across the Village.”

Brancky added, “We connected with several local firefighters after the February 2 meeting. We listened and learned as they shared in great detail how this closure would impact their ability to provide the best possible service to our community. Their commitment to every resident, business, school, and hospital in our Village is remarkable.”

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