Fire Station 13 to Remain Open!

It indeed takes a village.

Respect to everyone who spoke to save Fire Station 13 at Monday's meeting.

· To the many residents who had done a deep dive into the Fitch Report. And the Staff Report. And the data. And the response times. You were impressive.

· To the firefighters in Glenview and from other communities. They spoke with authority and passion. The Glenview community is grateful beyond words.

· To those who shared stories of our Station 13 heroes. To the East Glenview resident who told us about his call to 911 and hearing the sirens of Engine 13 leaving the station while still on the phone. To the father who shared a tearful tribute about a son being saved.

· To the Avoca Superintendent and parents who reminded us about the 400+ children at the elementary school. And the need for sidewalks.

· To the East Glenview residents who in so many ways said, “Don’t abandon us.”

· To Drew. You continue to impress. Thank you for Saturday’s rally.

· To the Board who was willing to revisit the Feb. 2 decision.

· To Glenview. We came together. East and West. Working to protect the safety of all our Village.

We've opposed the closing since Day 1. We couldn’t have been more proud.

Paul Brancky, Sheri Latash, Cathy Wilson

GLENVIEW NEXT Candidates for Village Trustee

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