Downtown: The Gateway to Glenview

Simply put, downtown Glenview is the gateway to the community, the face of Glenview. Each of the GLENVIEW NEXT candidates has lived in Glenview for more than 25 years.

We have long memories of past downtown businesses we patronized and current businesses that we support.

For each of us, downtown Glenview has served as a primary shopping destination. When I totaled up all the Glenview businesses that my family has repeatedly patronized over the years, I discovered that 42 of them have been in downtown Glenview. They represented the range of goods and services that would be expected in a vibrant community. Its central location and walkability/bikeability gives it a distinct advantage over other business districts in Glenview. And along Glenview Road, particularly, the lower speed limit gives drivers the opportunity to see what's new.

In addition, downtown Glenview is the heart of Glenview. It is the center of our history. It is the gathering and learning place for most community events--parades, the summer street fair, Blocktoberfest, decorated holiday windows, the Glenview Art League fair, a place for summer concerts, a location for lingering with an ice cream cone, and space for lectures and movie-viewing. In other words, it is the area that embodies the quaintness of small town life with a modern day sensibility.

Downtown Glenview is an area that deserves and needs support to make it an inviting place to visit and to maximize its economic vitality, both for business owners and the Village. We've got lots of ideas to make that happen.

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