Celebrate Glenview's Hidden (and Not so Hidden) Treasures!

We live in a great village. We enjoy so many assets -- world-class schools, fabulous parks, a wonderful library. Great retail and restaurants. A rich history. Natural resources. Active and engaged residents. All this contributes to the beautiful tapestry we call Glenview.

The GLENVIEW NEXT candidates think the village should take advantage of these assets and do more to promote them. Why? A better quality of life for everyone. But, also, revenue. Yes. More money for our village. The more activities we offer, the more people we get to visit our community, the more we support our businesses, the more sales tax we generate, the more money to support village operations. It a win for everyone.

Imagine a Glenview Historical Tour. We could put together a tour to celebrate our diverse heritage. Work with our Historical Center, the Library, and the Glenview Hanger One Foundation, among others.

Imagine a Glenview Natural Resources Tour. Glenview has more open space than many surrounding villages. We can knock this tour out of the park with our natural resources.

Put the tours online through an app or a map. Promote local businesses near each stop. The village has $400,000 set aside for signs. Could we use some of these funds to create these tours? People. Activity. Engagement. Learning. Spending. Fun.

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