Campaign Breakdown: West Glenview Determined Election Outcome

The three GLENVIEW NEXT candidates got close, but, unfortunately, didn’t get into the top three for trustee. Paul put together an excellent summary of the campaign and here are the highlights:

  • Voter turnout in 2021 was 16% vs. 10% in 2019.

  • GN candidates received 45% of votes cast (UG got 55%).

  • GN won three of the four townships with precincts within Glenview (Maine, Niles, New Trier). UG carried the vote in most of the precincts within Northfield (NF) Township.

  • More voters near Downtown Glenview supported GN, driven by precincts NF12 and NF24.

  • Voters adjacent to Fire Station 13 strongly supported Glenview Next.

  • Unite Glenview’s margin of victory (1822 votes) was driven by five key West Glenview precincts and the Willow/Pfingsten development.

For more details, here is the complete summary.

Glenview Next Election Results.FINAL
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