Bring Public Art to Glenview!

Public art can soothe the soul, stimulate discussion, and expand the imagination. Let’s give art a higher profile by bringing art to Glenview! Envision placing art – public art and pop-up art installations – around our village. At the Library. At the Park Center. Throughout downtown. At The Glen.

Art installations add a dimension to our quality of life. They can support our local businesses, attracting visitors and residents alike. Art and shop. Art and eat. Art and drink. In the summer and fall, there could be pop-up installations that change every couple of months. Let’s celebrate local artists and photographers (we’ve got lots of them!). How about the budding artists in our schools? Our Glenview Art League. Art reaches across all age groups and offers a low-cost 'spark project' wherever it appears.

What does it take to bring this vision for art to Glenview? Creativity, organization, and planning. The GLENVIEW NEXT candidates are suggesting the creation of an Arts and Culture Commission. It could create a plan to bring art to Glenview. It can tap into our many talented residents. Is this type of commission you’d want to be involved with?

But let’s not stop at art. An Arts and Culture Commission could plan community events like ethnic fairs (supplementing the well-known Greek Fest and Armenian Fest) that celebrate the rich ethnic diversity of our population. An Arts and Culture Commission could plan concerts and plays at The Glen, Gallery Park, Jackman Park, and our new downtown park (!). Events could take place indoors at the Library, GBS, or local bars and restaurants. It could coordinate and publish a calendar of events in Glenview. Of course, these plans would take cooperation between our library, schools, parks, and village government.

Let's make Glenview an even greater place to live, work, and play. Bring on the art!

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