Brancky and Wilson Apply for Vacant Trustee Seat

Two of the three GLENVIEW NEXT candidates -- Paul Brancky and Cathy Wilson – have applied for the open trustee position that became vacant when Trustee Mike Jenny assumed the role of Village President on May 4, 2021. Sheri Latash did not apply. There are two years remaining on Jenny’s term as trustee and the new trustee will be selected by the Village President with the advice and consent of the Village Board. President Jenny has 60 days after his swearing-in to make the appointment.

The April 6 election had a voter turnout of 16% as compared to 10% in 2017. Of the 7,123 ballots cast, Wilson received 3,097 votes for trustee, Latash received 3,014, and Brancky received 3,001.

When asked why he was applying for the position, Paul Brancky said, "I believe my business experience, understanding of development, preparation to run for office, and recent electoral results make me well qualified to serve as Village Trustee. Choosing me, or one of my running mates will send a clear message to the residents who voted for GLENVIEW NEXT candidates that their voices have been heard. Most importantly, I believe I can work collaboratively and respectfully with our current Board of Trustees to serve the needs of all Glenview residents."

Cathy Wilson said, “President Jenny campaigned that he wanted a “diversity of voices” on the Board. By selecting one of the GLENVIEW NEXT candidates (who received 45% of the votes cast for trustee), he would fulfill that pledge. I offer a broad set of skills based upon my work in education, strategic planning, marketing, communication, technology, and community outreach, as well as fluency in Spanish. I’ve studied many of the issues facing Glenview and attended many Board and Plan Commission meetings as well as all the Glenview Connect workshops. I can work collaboratively on the Board with the other trustees. In fact, Gina DeBoni and I worked together on Election Day to find a solution to recycle the many campaign yard signs around Glenview – evidence of new ideas and effective collaboration.”

Sheri Latash has decided to not pursue the open trustee seat. She stated, “There are multiple paths to affecting public policy, and driving innovative and forward-thinking practices appropriate for a 21st-century community. Being a trustee is one such path. For personal reasons I have decided to pursue alternative options; and I will continue to advocate for the GLENVIEW NEXT platform in other ways. I wholeheartedly support Paul and Cathy in their effort to serve as trustee. They are well-grounded in the issues facing the village, have incredible passion, creativity, intellectual curiosity, and can devote the time necessary to thoroughly examine matters coming before the board. Either of them would be a fine choice for trustee.”

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