Best Wishes to Tim Doron, Gina DeBoni, and Adam Sidoti

The GLENVIEW NEXT candidates -- Paul Brancky, Sheri Latash, and Cathy Wilson – extend their best wishes to the Unite Glenview candidates for their election as Glenview trustees. For the first time in 20 years, voters in Glenview had a choice on the ballot and after the votes were counted, Tim Doron, Gina DeBoni, and Adam Sidoti won the day.

All six trustee candidates called for change and shared similar positions on a variety of issues. Both the Unite Glenview and GLENVIEW NEXT candidates identified the need to deliver greater transparency in village government, better communication with the community, improved resident input in development including a “predevelopment meeting”, an immediate investigation into the closing of Fire Station 13 as well as the letter sent by the Glenview Professional Firefighters Association, and a commitment to implement the Greenest Region Compact goals.

When asked about these common issues, Paul Brancky said, “Yes, both slates identified similar concerns with village government that need to be addressed. We look forward to seeing Tim, Gina, and Adam work with the current Board and the new Village President to deliver on these campaign pledges.”

Sheri Latash added, “We want to thank the 2,900+ voters who supported us on the ballot as well as our volunteers, donors, and endorsing organizations. During this campaign, we walked every precinct in Glenview. We met many talented residents who had lots of ideas to share. We campaigned on expanding the number of commissions in Glenview, such as creating an Art and Culture Commission, to enable these residents to contribute to civic life. The Board needs find ways to educate more people about local government and get them involved.”

About future plans, Cathy Wilson commented, “We’re already thinking about 2023 and the three trustees seats that will be on the ballot. If you are interested in being involved or running as a candidate, contact us at”

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