A New Step To Improve the Development Process

If you've ever tried to print off any maps or documents associated with a new development or found it difficult to review them online, the GLENVIEW NEXT candidates have an idea for you.

We are proposing that the village staff work with the Library to create a kiosk where plans for any upcoming developments are displayed. The staff will print all the documents and plans in full size and in color. These plans will be available for anyone to review two weeks prior to a project moving to the New Development Commission. Place a Comment Box in the kiosk where anyone reviewing the plans can share their thoughts. These comments would be reviewed by the staff and New Development Commission.

The staff might start by posting the plans for the development proposed at the former Hart Property on the corner of Willow and Pfingsten Roads. And why not post the Glenview Connect plans?

Greater transparency. Better communication. More community input.

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