A Downtown Legacy for Generations to Come!

Our small-town charm is part of what makes Glenview unique. It’s something we never want to lose. Let’s create a legacy in our downtown for generations to come.

The GLENVIEW NEXT candidates want to put forward the idea of creating a public place on the east end of Glenview Road that will serve as the heart of Glenview. (We're not alone; several residents have been talking about this idea with us.)

Let's begin with a project along the river and grow from there. Build off of the Glenview Connect plans to revitalize the Chase/Patio Shops area and then go across the river all the way to Waukegan Road. A park. Lights. Bridges across our river. An interactive fountain. An ice skating rink. A gathering place to include live entertainment, food trucks, pop-up art exhibits. Spark projects that change throughout the year. Plant sales and the Easter Bunny in the spring. Concerts and a wine/beer hall in the summer. Haunted House in the fall. A holiday market. Festivals like Blocktoberfest. Festivals celebrating the ethnic heritage of our residents. A honey festival (there are lots of beekeepers in Glenview!). Make it people and pet-friendly.

Around the park, we’ll have unique restaurants and shops. Maybe a farm-to-table restaurant serving food grown at “Wagner’s Farm” or a small-scale food hall with multiple restaurant concepts. A pet bakery.

We CAN create a dynamic area without density in those few blocks. With imagination, we can build a destination where residents and visitors enjoy our downtown, spend money with our local businesses, and come back again and again.

Let's build a legacy for future generations to enjoy. We saved Wagner Farm; let's do something special with downtown.

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