• Restore Trust through Greater Transparency 
• Listen to Residents More and Improve Communication 
• Increase Resident, Business, and Stakeholder Input Early in Development Process
• Focus on Sustainability across our Village
• Engage More Residents in Village Government through New or Expanded Commissions or Committees
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Village Trustees (Vote for ALL THREE!)

Note: The Glenview Next Party chose not to slate a candidate for Village President this election. Remember that you can vote for ALL THREE of our Trustee candidates!  The vote for Village President is separate.  We look forward to working collaboratively with the new president and the other sitting Trustees.  

Paul Brancky2.jpg
Paul Brancky

Why I'm Running to Become a Village Trustee


The Village of Glenview has been good to me and my family. Serving as a Village Trustee is a way for me to give back to my community. I want Glenview residents to feel good about their local government. Our Trustees work hard to serve Glenview. If elected, I will approach my job with a focus that is resident-centric. I also want to help shape Glenview’s future. During my business career, I have learned how to collaborate with others to produce lasting results. If elected I will leverage those skills to help create a positive future for Glenview that represents all of us.


Sheri Photo.jpg
 Sheri Latash

Why I'm Running to Become a Village Trustee


In 1985 when my husband and I were looking for a home to buy, we searched for a community that had good transportation options, open space, religious tolerance, and evidence of community spirit.  We found all that, and more, in Glenview.  Fabulous park district resources, a superb educational system, and extensive volunteer opportunities all contribute to making Glenview the jewel in the crown of the northern suburbs.

The role of trustee is a natural fit for my interests and background.   During the past four years, while serving as Co-President of the League of Women Voters of Glenview/Glencoe, I've had many opportunities to comment and successfully advocate on matters before the Glenview Village Board.  And, I have also witnessed the deliberations of other area Village Boards.  Best practices observed elsewhere should be adopted by our Village Board to improve avenues for meaningful Board learning, discussions, and engagement with the public.   With extensive work and volunteer experience in government affairs, I understand that the process of governing is critically important to the success of the desired outcome. 


Glenview's future is at a crossroads.  The next Village Board will determine the short-term and long-term direction of our community, based on recommendations from the Economic Development Strategic Plan now under development. Village Board consideration of our future will be balanced with financial stewardship obligations.  Robust Board discussions and decision-making will benefit from trustees who have a range of educational, work & volunteer experiences and world views.  As a trustee, this is what I represent.  This is what is required for creating a 21st-century community.  


Cathy Wilson_Final-ac.jpg

Why I'm Running to Become a Village Trustee


I love living in Glenview. But over the years, while observing our Village Board, I have come to believe that the Board can do better. It can be more forward-looking in its thinking. It can allow for more discussions that include the public and diverse points of view. It can deliver more engagement and two-way conversations with residents. It can create more opportunities to get people involved with civic life.  


Throughout my career in education, marketing, and technology, I've always focused on the concept of a "life cycle" of a product or service.  I will bring this thinking to the Village Board. It starts with listening to residents' concerns and understanding what needs to be solved.  Any solution must be resident first. The next step is to explore possible solutions while seeking a variety of input.  Then you select, test, and evaluate the solution, tweaking along the way. You then implement the agreed-upon solution.  Finally, you evaluate how the solution worked and then continue to tweak.  This approach can give the Village a more resident first approach to decision making with built-in accountability. 


Glenview is at an inflection point. We will continue to deal with the impact of COVID-19 on our residents and our businesses. We are working on a new Economic Development Strategic Plan and Downtown Revitalization Plan. We must continue to think about how to make Glenview a safe, secure, and welcoming community.  I look forward to collaborating with the current trustees, the new president, and new trustees Paul Brancky and Sheri Latash to help Glenview take advantage of the many opportunities awaiting our wonderful community.



 Cathy Wilson